Saturday, August 18, 2018

Well Fire Reported In McKenzie County -- Sounds Like "All Is Well" -- August 18, 2018

Sounds like everyone involved did a great job responding to this emergency -- a well fire in McKenzie County, Tobacco Garden area. From myndnow:
Multiple anks caught fire in McKenzie County earlier the evening.
The McKenzie County Sheriff's office was notified of an oil well fire northwest of the Tobacco Gardens Resort.
They received several calls reporting black smoke, the ground shaking, and numerous explosions.
Keen Fire Department, McKenzie County Ambulance, and the Sheriff's office all responded to the scene.
The oil pad well had about 27 tank batteries, 16 crude oil tanks, and 10 water tanks on location.
Approximately 50 barrels of crude oil was in one tank at the time of the fire and was contained inside the dike of the well pad.
It was reported the well site was not producing oil at the time and was shut down earlier in the day due to work needing to be be done on location. 
Workers were on the location at the time the fire started, but no injuries were reported.
Wow -- that last line was the most important: no injuries were reported.

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