Friday, August 10, 2018

Eight New Permits; WTI Recovers A Bit Today -- August 10, 2018

Active rigs:

Active Rigs60573372193

Eight new permits:
  • Operators: CLR (6): OAS (2)
  • Fields: East Fork (Williams); Elidah (McKenzie);
  • Comments: CLR has permits for a 6-well Putnam pad in NENE 25-156-100; Oasis has permits for a 2-well Mildred Nelson Federal permit in NWNW 30-152-97;
Fifteen permits renewed:
  • EOG (8): eight Riverview permits in McKenzie County
  • Petro-Hunt (5) : five USA permits in McKenzie County
  • Whiting (2): two Zaleskey permits in Stark County 
One producing well (a DUC) reported as completed:
  • 33466, A (n/d), CLR, Ransom 4-30H,
Her New Bike


  1. Great pic of a Tour de France rider! I see clip-less pedals and associated shoes in the near future.....perhaps even color coordinated with that fine looking helmet...

  2. Tour de Grapevine (TX). LOL. Yeah, she loves her bike.