Friday, July 6, 2018

Southern California In The Danger Zone -- AP; How's That Renewable, Non-Dispatchable Energy Working Out? -- July 6, 2018

Southern California heat -- looms dangerously -- AP.

Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins

From ISO California (of course, no cost projections when demand spikes, exceeding capacity):

Hopefully, the sun and the wind will kick in this afternoon when demand will peak.

Californians screaming! Hey, just like a roller coaster when it comes to renewable, non-dispatchable energy, an unpredictable ride.

Tesla: Less Green Than Your 2018 Mustang 

From Rizone.  Tesla does not report "green data" unlike other companies --
Engaged Tracking asserts that Tesla, Inc. – in contrast to “older, ‘dirtier’ counterparts in the automobile industry” – neither reports its greenhouse gas emissions nor cites climate change as a “current business issue” when reporting business information. Moreover, based on “emissions intensity” (how much carbon a company emits per dollar of revenue earned), Engaged Tracking contends:
  • Tesla’s emissions intensity is 13 times greater than that of BMW, its nearest “fuel-burning” rival, even though BMW in 2017 produced 20 times more vehicles than Tesla.
  • Compared to Mercedes, Tesla’s emissions intensity is 70 percent higher.
Engaged Tracking is not alone in highlighting problems with Tesla, Inc. and its products.
For instance, as this March 2016 report from Devonshire Research Group, LLC points out, producing Teslas – and other EVs – is not necessarily a net win from an environmental standpoint.
Citing research from Morgan Stanley, a 2017 article on articulates a similar sentiment.
We talked about this years ago; nothing has changed. Unless it's gotten worse?

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