Monday, July 9, 2018

So Much For $150 Oil; Trump Trade Wars; Iranian Sanctions -- The Market Off To A Strong Start On T+39 -- July 9, 2018

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For the archives:
  • forget all that talk about $150 oil
  • forget about the Iranian sanctions
  • forget about the Trump tariffs
  • Saudi Arabia can make up any Iranian shortfall
  • US won't let Iran control the strait; will work with India, Korea, Japan who rely on Iran oil
  • the "trade war" morphed to "trade skirmishes" to "trade negotiations" in less than 72 hours, over the weekend
Early trading:
  • Dow: up over 230 points
  • S& P 500: up 15 points, headed back to 2,800
  • WTI: surprise, surprise -- not only did it hold, but its down forty cents
  • most oil companies, large and small, are having a great day
Music wars:
  • it's being reported that AppleMusic has surpassed Spotify with music subscribers
    • SPOT: down 75 cents (essentially flat)
    • AAPL: up almost $2.00 (about a percent)
  • TSLA: up $3.00; Elon Musk wants to use small cylinder from SpaceX as a "submarine" to rescue Thai soccer plays from flooded cave; he missed the memo: in narrowest section: only 15 inches of clearance;
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