Friday, July 6, 2018

More And More Political Leaders And Leading Scientists Are Calling "Manmade Global Warming" A Scam -- July 6, 2018

Earlier today I posted this:
Ontario's premier: "cap and trade" nothing more than a cash grab -- wow -- yes, that Ontario; capital city, Toronto --
  • the premier says the province will end its cap-and-trade program
  • said it was nothing more than a government cash grab that did not help the environment
  • "taxes suck, even if they have a bogus feel-good rationale"
If you do't trust that link, then this is the Reuters link, and if you can't trust Reuters, who can you trust?
  • the newly elected Ontario government announced on Tuesday it would end the province’s cap-and-trade program, a policy designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fulfilling one of Premier Doug Ford’s election promises
  • it leaves businesses that bought C$2.8 billion ($2.1 billion) worth of allowances in limbo
  • Ford’s Progressive Conservative government swept to power last month, ending 15 years of Liberal rule in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province and the country’s economic engine, with a promise to cut corporate and personal taxes
  • the government said it would immediately start an orderly wind-down of all programs funded out of cap-and-trade carbon tax revenues but agreed to honour certain contracts that have already been signed
Australia may soon join Ontario. Link here
I am re-posting that because now we have a leading scientist in Japan saying the same thing:

California Heat

California did just fine today, thank you for asking.  Obviously wind and solar kicked in to save the day. Peak demand well below capacity. Link at ISO California:

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