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Global Warming, What Global Warming? -- I Thought Hudson Bay Was Ice-Free -- July 28, 2018

Wind: Before we get to the Hudson Bay story, a global warming story closer to home. Texas regulator rejected a permit request from AEP for what would have been the largest wind farm in the country, a $4.5 billion project, the 2,000 MW Wind Catcher. This works out to an astounding $2.25 million / MW in a state in which there is a glut of natural gas -- and, oh, by the way, a state that easily handled the recent record demand for electricity.

The company was also facing huge headwinds in Oklahoma, February 5, 2018.
Data points:
  • $4.5 billion / 2,000 MW = $2.25 millon / MW
  • cost savings per AEP: $4 billion in utility costs over 25 years; $4 billion / 25 years = $160 million / year / 30 million (population of Texas) = $5/Texas resident over 25 years -- you have to be kidding
  • "everyone" knows the costs would have been front-loaded -- which means that the savings, if any, would have come in the out years 
  • folks can't even predict the price of natural gas next month, much less 25 years from now
  • anyone telling me how much energy will over the next 25 years is full of hot air
  • already there is a perception that wind/solar are raising the cost of energy (right, wrong, indifferent -- that's the perception)
  • if one wants to see how wind energy can totally screw up a country's electric grid, click on "road-to-Australia," a tag at the bottom of the
  • Texas, like Wyoming, has a thriving oil and gas industry; Wyoming is already dealing with it; it looks like Texas is also dealing with wind vs oil
  • I thought the price of renewable energy construction was going down; back in 2016, the EIA said average cost for new wind power project: $2 million / MW -- note the Wind Catcher project, $2.25 million in one of the low-cost states, Texas
  • From an August 25, 2014, post, this is 30-second sound bite for "cost of renewable megawatt":
    • Solar: $3 million / MW
    • Wind: $2.5 million / MW
    • Natural gas: $865,000 / MW

Fire: out in the far west. 

Ice: what would it mean if the Hudson Bay was ice-free year 'round?

Also, from
Hi Robert,
I’m in Puvirnituk, Nunavik, and the merchant ships had to call in the ice breaker to open the water ways to get out of the Hudson Bay.
I can see the ice breaker in the distance. It is sitting there waiting for the boats to finish unloading.
When asked about the ice everyone is saying it’s not normal this time of year.
Have a nice day.
Sidney B.
It's late July (2018) and they are still calling in ice breakers in Hudson Bay.

Even in Australia, "climate change" is a ratings killer -- everyone is so bored to death of the sermon. And, more: turn off all wind and solar at 6:00 p.m. (peak energy demand) -- it makes no difference -- except less migratory and protected birds would be killed.

And maybe that's why "global warming" is hardly a blip in the minds of Americans, in fact, "global warming/climate change" is not even on the list, from Gallup:

Global Warming? What, Me Worry?

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