Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Disclaimer -- June 26, 2018

I'll be off the net for awhile.

Again, for everyone, please read the "welcome / general disclaimer" regarding this site.

I'm posting this because I want to remind folks that I'm doing the blog simply for my own benefit, but thought other folks might be interested. That paid off in spades, as they say. I've learned a lot from readers who have sent me information.

Before I forget: a huge "thank you" to all those who write me." 

I don't change/edit old posts or remove them except under exceptional circumstances. The blog evolves. My understanding of the Bakken revolution evolves. Much of what I wrote back in 2011 or before was wrong, naive, or perhaps even silly. But it is what it is, as they say. A lot of the links in the very old posts are now broken; when I find a broken link I try to correct it if possible.

I am inappropriately exuberant about the Bakken. Not a day goes by that I'm not thinking of the truckers and the roughnecks in the trenches.

I have no hidden agenda with regard to the Bakken. I don't have an agenda with non-Bakken stories, but I do have strong opinions about non-Bakken subjects that I discuss. I post non-Bakken energy stories, to include notes on renewable energy, to help put the Bakken in perspective. It is often difficult to separate opinion from fact on the blog. But I don't intentionally post "fake news," but I suppose that's in the eye of the beholder.

I post non-energy stories (mostly political stories) only to keep me interested in continuing the blog. If I only blogged about the Bakken, it would become dry, and very unrewarding for me.

I post quickly, often misread stories that I link. I make many factual/typographical errors. I appreciate readers calling attention to factual errors. I don't need help on typographical errors unless they significantly effect the content. I will eventually correct typographical errors as I find them. I will correct factual errors if they are brought to my attention.

I often make simple arithmetic errors. 

I may add to this later.

For now, I am signing for awhile. I will be back later this afternoon.

Please do not respond to this note; I won't see comments/replies for awhile.

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