Thursday, May 3, 2018

How Mainstream Media Sees The US Economy -- May 3, 2018

Posted earlier:
Jobs: first time unemployment claims --
  • prior: 209,000
  • forecast: 224,000 --- which would be jump of almost 15,000 (seriously?)
  • actual: 211,000 -- so, initial claims actually rose by 2,000
  • comment: wow, that's a huge, huge discrepancy. It tells me the analysts did not "believe" the number last week when unemployment claims plunged by 24,000
  • comment: making American great again
From the Drudge Report:

The mainstream media had two headlines to choose from:
  • unemployment claims tick higher
  • Americans receiving unemployment aid lowest since 1973
So, guess which headline CNBC / Reuters chose? Yup, from CNBC:

Oh, yes, did you hear the good news coming out of North Korea?

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