Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Auf Wiedersehen, May; Auf Wiedersehen, Germany -- Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman -- May 29, 2018

Saudi Arabia -- Auf WidersehenFrom Reuters:
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ordered that no more government contracts be awarded to German companies, in a sign of continued irritation over Berlin's foreign policy in the Middle East.
Citing no sources, it said the move was likely to hit major companies such as Siemens, Bayer and Boehringer Ingelheim as well as carmaker Daimler.
Market -- Auf Wiedersehen: market action today? What's the big deal? "Sell in May, go away." It's May 29, 2018 -- two or three more trading days in May. Why wouldn't folks do what they've been doing for decades? Sell in May, go away.

Does anybody really care if it takes North Korea fifteen years to dismantle its nuclear program? At least "we would be on the right track" if North Korea started dismantling its nuclear program. That beats testing new warheads, new missiles. North Korea has been building up its military arsenal since the 1950s -- that's over sixty years ago. Now it looks like North Korea is willing to start dismantling its program. Who cares if it takes fifteen years. Previous presidents had simply kicked the can down the road and North Korea kept building its nuclear arsenal.

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