Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Iranian Budget Based On $150 Oil -- Joel Pollak -- Scott Adams Interview -- April 25, 2018

See Scott Adams periscope today over at twitter.

Saudi needs at least $100-oil to reach its desired Saudi Aramco IPO valuation. But Iran? Needs $150-oil.

With regard to Iran, time is on "our" side. Trump's tweets have a huge effect in the Iran-US standoff.

Iran Needs $150-Oil; NBC Needs $70 Million. Period.

From The WSJ:
Megyn Kelly was supposed to bring star power to NBC News and a bigger, broader audience of morning viewers to its “Today” show franchise.
Instead, the three-year, $69 million bet to woo Ms. Kelly from her conservative prime-time perch at Fox News is backfiring.
Since taking over the 9 a.m. hour of the lucrative morning show in September and rebranding it “Megyn Kelly Today,” Ms. Kelly has struggled to make the shift to daytime broadcast television, with its delicate balance of soft features and hard news. Her ratings declines and higher production costs have been a drag on a critical franchise for NBC.
Apparently Megyn Kelly is the one journalist who has not continued to benefit from the "Trump effect."

A Win (Barely) For Trump

GOP keeps AZ US House seat

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