Monday, March 5, 2018

When Does Spring Start? March 5, 2018


Later 9:05 p.m. CT: I believe this is Winter Storm Quinn

Later, 8:12 p.m. CT: Earlier I had been told -- and had seen articles -- regarding how much snow East Glacier was getting but I didn't pay attention until today. Now this -- see comments -- from a reader:
"Old-timers" in Seeley Lake, MT tell me this year's snowfall is the most they've seen in over 20 years. 1996 to be exact. My unscientific totals in my back yard are over 5 feet of snow. East Glacier has over 240 inches.
That would be ... about ... 20 feet. Wow.
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Huge "thanks" to Don for keeping me up to date on this storm.

A note from our daughter in Portland, Oregon:
My friend, who's husband is in the Air Force, lives in Montana (off-base).  Today, she ventured on base and said 19 degrees is warm enough to get out of the car and take pictures.  She showed some nice pictures of streets on base that don't get plowed.  :)  No worries, it's all packed and easy to drive on (she noted that unlike the Pacific Northwest, snow [in Montana] is easy to drive on and not icy.)  Her house had a foot of more snow (so on top of what was already there) this weekend. 

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