Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wow, This Happened Quickly -- EQT To Spin Off Midstream Business -- February 22, 2018


Later, 7:05 p.m. CT: speaking of "Rover" -- this just in -- moments ago from ArgusMedia -- 
Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) said its Rover natural gas pipeline will not reach completion until the second quarter, up to three months later than its earlier estimate. Delay due to a regulatory issue which has since been resolved.
Later, 6:44 p.m. CT: see first comment --
Regarding EQT ...
The acquisition of Rice will not only enable much longer laterals (there are NO geometric, pre-set drilling units in Eastern states. Contiguous acreage is invaluable for efficiency), Rice's recognized drill skills will be a huge boost for the new company.
The article mentioned the 1.9 Bcfd Mountain Valley pipe coming online this year - one of 2 opening up the south.mid Atlantic to vast gas supplies (the other being the Atlantic Coast pipeline).

Another massive pipe - Mountaineer Xpress - is under construction and - at 2.7 Bcfd - is almost as big as the well recognized Rover.

This time next year, Appalachian Basin output will soar.
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Story at ArgusMedia, EQT:
  • largest natural gas producer in the US when it acquired Rice Energy last year
  • acquisition resulted in proven reserves of 21.4 Tcf of natural gas equivalent
  • sold 3.2 Bcfe/d by end of 4Q17
  • the acquisition hastened the spin-off
  • EQT Midstream Partners will merge with Rice Midstream Partners
  • result: will become the third largest gathering footprint in the US
See link for more numbers.

Another investing opportunity while waiting for the Saudi Aramco IPO.

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