Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Market And Energy Page, T+345 -- January 2, 2018 -- Nasdaq Surges; Other Markets Doing Nicely; EU PMI Hits Record: The End Of 2017 -- Coldest In 132 Years -- Minnesota DNR

But first things first: has Al Franken resigned yet? A google search reveals no new updates. He is supposed to resign today. I will remove the poll. Meaningless. [Update, early morning, January 3, 2018, yup, no big speech, just a simple letter of resignation. His swan song has already been forgotten.]

Road to New England. And what's going on over at ISO New England? Same ol', same ol': spot electricity surged to over $200 this morning; coal and nuclear are maxed out; renewables not helping when most needed

Tesla survived the "death cross" and surges over $6 $9 in early trading today. And here.

Football.Two huge NCAA football upsets yesterday; loved both games. I have never cared for Alabama but I have to admit, they were impressive last night. I loved Georgia's comeback and that one incredible catch that stunned Oklahoma. I had no preferences going into the games.

First trillion-dollar market cap: Apple, Alphabet (Google), Facebook, TenCent, Alibaba. Talking head on CNBC mis-pronounces the name of Apple's newest iPhone. Andrew Ross Sorkin did, too, the other day and remained confused. Speaks volumes.

Market volume. I can easily reach every one of my on-line brokerage sites except one. For some reason, one of the most well-known on-line discount brokerage is difficult to reach. Maybe it's just my internet connection, but all other sites come up immediately. This particular site is not loading, or when it does, very, very slow.


The Williston Herald releases its list of the top 10 stories in the Bakken for 2017. Do you agree with their pick for #1?

Global Warming

The last week of 2017 will be one of the coldest final weeks of a year for many decades in Minnesota.
The period from Christmas Day to New Year's Eve was the second coldest end of the year in the Twin Cities.Twin Cities had an average temperature of -3.0 degrees F.
This made the end of 2017 the coldest in at 132 years.
The coldest final week of a year for the Twin Cities record (1872-2017) was in 1886 with a seven day average temperature of -4.7 degrees F. 1924 was knocked out of the second place spot with an average temperature of -1.8 degrees F. The coldest temperature in the state in December, 2017 was -42 at Cotton on December 28. There was also a record low at International Falls for December 27 of -37 degrees, breaking the old record of 32 for the date.
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RBN Energy: top 10 RBN energy prognostication for 2018.
  • in the regional gas-on-gas wars, the winner is Henry Hub
  • in the regional crude market wars, the loser is Cushing
  • in the NGL market, the winner is ethane
  • Mariner East 2 will turn Marcellus/Utica NGL markets inside out
  • Permian gas could be facing unprecedented adverse market conditions
  • Permian gas could light up the West Texas night sky
  • neat condensate is getting nearer
  • the Haynesville natural gas rebound will continue, but ...
  • crude prices will continue to trade in the zone, as long as the OPEC deal holds up
  • crude oil exports will remain robust, but growth will slow

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