Thursday, December 28, 2017

What Does Whiting See In Alger / Robinson Lake -- December 28,107

From the January, 2018, NDIC hearing dockets:
  • 26334, Whiting, Alger-Bakken 8 wells on a 640-acre unit, section 13-155-93; Mountrail County
    26335, Whiting, Robinson Lake-Bakken, 11 wells on a 1280-acre unit, sections 24/25-155-93; Mountrail County
The graphic:

The existing wells:
  • 23566, 845, Whiting, Kjos 14-13H, Alger, t10/12; cum 87K 10/17;
  • 25385, 899, Whiting, Liebl 31-13TFH, Alger, t8/13; cum 92K 10/17;
  • 25386, 1,142, WHiting, Liebl 31-13H, Alger, t8/13; cum 126K 10/17; still F;
  • 21462, 866, Whiting, Klefstad 24-25H, Robinson Lake, t3/12; cum 177K 10/17;
  • 24736, 267, Whiting, Meiers 34-25TFH, Robinson Lake, t7/13; cum 61K 10/17;
  • 18700, 668, Whiting, Meiers 44025H, Robinson Lake, t5/10; cum 142K 10/17;
  • 24925, 262, Whiting, Meiers 43-25TFH, Robinson Lake, t7/13; cum 71K 10/17;
Comments: The existing wells are not good wells, and yet they are in the sweet spot of the Bakken. In addition, Whiting is going to significantly increase the number of wells in these two drilling units (one, a 640-acre unit; the other, a 1280-acre unit). One well is still flowing (at least according to NDIC) even though it was drilled four years ago. It will be very interesting to see how these new wells perform.

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