Friday, December 29, 2017

North Dakota Highway Projects -- December 29, 2017

With NFL-free Sundays and these incredibly boring NCAAF bowl games (right now Ohio State is demolishing USC 24 - 7), this is as good a time as any to take a look at DOT highway projects in the Williston DOT district. This includes the Watford City transportation plan. My understanding is that the four-lane divided Lewis and Clark bridge over the Missouri River southwest of Williston is now complete but the ND DOT suggests there is still a bit more to do. Either that, or their website has not been updated.

These projects give one an idea of all that's left to do:
  • ND Highway 1804 from the east side of Williston to Epping
  • ND Highway 1804 from north of New Town to County Road 5
  • US Highway 2 from 32nd Ave to 11th St in Williston
  • Roundabout at the intersection of ND Highway 23A and 12th St SE in Watford City
  • US Highway 52 from Portal to east of Flaxton
  • US Highway 85B in Watford City from north of the junction of ND Highway 23A to 9th St SW
Another reminder: a nice site for locating / updating US natural gas and crude oil pipelines. The bad news: the site appears not to be updated. I am not sure it is even active any more. It looks like its last update was back in 2015. If so, it's still a nice summary for archival purposes.

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