Friday, September 15, 2017

Week 37: September 10, 2017 -- September 16, 2017

The price of WTI  clawed its way back to $50/bbl and settled around $49.75.

Refiners along the Texas/Louisiana coast are still working to get their operations up and running, and back to normal after Hurricane Harvey, and Florida is cleaning up after Hurricane Irma.

The US stock market has been on a tear with the three major indices all hitting new highs. Most newsworthy: today the S&P 500 closed above 2,500 for the first time ever.

The Red Queen is still on her treadmill; North Dakota crude oil production remains over one million bopd; production increased month-over-month
Random look at two Oasis Forland wells
A new operator in the Bakken: Freedom Energy has a permit to target the Lodgepole southwest of Dickinson

Bakken Economy
Legacy Fund breaks through $4 billion in deposits
$5 million Buck Scheele animal shelter could be completed by next spring
Commercial flights at Williston airport remain at capacity; local officials hope more flights will be added next spring 
Lynn Helms opines on the $125 billion oil companies have invested in the Bakken

North Dakota has state's first ever Miss America 

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