Thursday, August 10, 2017

So Close! But A New All-Time Record Set -- Gasoline Demand -- August 10, 2017

So close: four-week average for gasoline demand, almost matching last year's number. Most recent four-week number:
  • 2017: 9.763 million b/d
  • 2016: 9.776 million b/d
  • delta: 13,000 b/d -- wow

But, we did hit an all-time record of gasoline demand on a weekly basis for the first week in August (not an all-time record for any week, but an all-time record for the first week in August):

Gasoline demand flirts with new records despite all those EVs being sold in the US and all those new CAFE standards.

Refineries respond:

Disclaimer: I often misread tables and graphs. If this information is important for (to) you, ignore my comments, go to the source.


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The Drudge Report

Chicken or egg?

Does mainstream media frame "The Drudge Report" or the other way around?

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