Wednesday, August 9, 2017

OMG! Stocks Sink! Investors Seek Safety In Gold, Bonds -- The Market And Energy Page -- T+201, August 9, 2017

Yes, that was the banner over at Yahoo!Finance, at the market close: "Stocks sink, as investors seek safety in gold and bonds."

Here's a screen shot of the headline after the close, screen shot taken at 3:09 p.m. Central Time, US markets closed.

So, how bad was the bloodbath?
  • Dow 30: down 0.17%. On a $1,000-investment across the entire Dow 30, one lost $1.70.
  • Nasdaq: down 0.28%. On a $1,000-investment across the entire Nasdaq, one lost $2.80.
Wow, not exactly a bloodbath. Hardly even a nick. I'm not sure it would even qualify as a bruise.

Maybe the anti-Trumpers were talking about the best gauge of the market, the S&P:
  • S&P 500: down 0.04%. On a $1,000-investment across the entire S&P 500, one lost 40 cents.
Could the banner be considered "fake news"?

Wow, this "fake news" really does get tiresome?

US Natural Gas Exports

It is expected that the US becomes a net exporter of natural gas this year. Something tells me the anti-Trumpers business sites won't make a big deal out of this. Just a few years ago, the US was "frantically" building natgas import terminals: the EIA was forecasting a huge natgas deficit for the US. Now, the US is turning those import terminals into export terminals.

Two days ago it was noted that the Cove Point LNG export facility in Maryland was nearing completion and would begin export operations by the end of the year (2018).

The US will export about 80 million metric tons of LNG annually by 2020; Cove Point will provide about 5.25 million metric tons.

Here are the others:

A nice historical perspective can be found at this post based on an RBN Energy LNG export analysis, October 12, 2016

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