Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Futures Mean Squat -- But, All The Same ... August 1, 2017

EV sales results for July, 2017, are just coming in. Highlights:
  • Musk Melon reminds folks to keep buying his high-end EVs to "help pay for the Model 3" -- yes, he really did say that, during the delivery of the first batch of 30 Tesla Model 3's)
    • Tesla Model S: dropped from 2,350 deliveries in June, to 1,425 in July (oh, oh)
    • Tesla Model X: dropped from 2,220 deliveries in June, to 1,650 in July (oh, oh)
  • Chevrolet Volt: dropped from 1,745 in June, to 1,518 in July
  • Chevrolet Bolt: a bright spot -- from 1,52 in June, to 1,971 in July
  • Nissan LEAF: another drop -- from 1,506 in June, to 1,283 in July
  • Toyota Prius Prime surged in sales from 1,619 in June to 1,645 in July
  • Bottom line: perhaps one of the most dismal EV sales report in years
But look at this: there were more EVs sold in every month in 2017 compared to the same month in 2016 -- from January to June. But then in July, a decline in sales year-over-year -- granted not all the sales numbers are in yet so it's likely July, 2017, will beat July, 2016, but it's going to be close.We'll check back in a few day when all the numbers are in.


Futures mean squat, but it is interesting after two days of the Dow 30 hitting new records, Dow 30 futures tonight are well into the green again. My hunch is that Apple earnings will have a huge effect on the market.

WTI: with Venezuela imploding, the talk on the street was that WTI would spike, due to an impending loss of heavy oil. After extending its gains to slightly over $50, WTI is currently at $48.87. Oh, well. So much for the "Venezuela theory."

Twenty Years Of Warning

Algore warned us back in 1994 it was going to get really, really hot by now. It then begs the question why Seattle residents did not prepare for the inevitable by simply buying an air conditioner, something that most Americans, even the "poor" in the Deep South, have.

According to The New York Times, Seattle is going through a severe heat wave, and OMG, only a third have air conditioning. And if truth be known, probably only those with "white privilege." The Times says the heat is "blistering" (really) and that "this week will be really dangerous."

I wonder what words The Times would use if one of those North Korean ICBM's hit Seattle? Blistering? Really dangerous?

What bugs me is that we've had more than 20 years of warning and all we've done is send money to a committee in South Korea to dole out to island nations in the South Pacific to shore up against a rising ocean. The tragedy of it all. The senselessness. The tragedy.

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