Monday, August 14, 2017

A Huge "Thank You" / "Shout Out" To A Very Alert Reader -- August 14, 2017

Earlier today I was duped into posting a "sponsored ad" story. My antennae were up; I thought the story a bit "strange" but it was posted by a reliable (?) website and so I linked it.

An alert reader noted that the story was bogus. It was a "sponsored ad" that looked like a legitimate news story.

As soon as the reader notified me, I took the link and the story down. There is really no reason to post this note, but I wanted to let the reader know that I really appreciate the note letting me know that I had been "duped," as they say.

Update On The Cameron LNG Export Facility, Louisiana

On another unrelated note, a reader sent me this update on the Cameron LNG export facility in Louisiana:
A six month delay of the beginning of commercial operations for Cameron LNG, LLC, the three-train LNG export facility in Louisiana, is credit negative for the project because it postpones the commencement of cash flow generation.
In-service dates for each train may now be delayed until 2019.
However, strong contractual protections mitigate any permanent financial effect for the project. Cameron’s sponsors, Sempra, ENGIE SA, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Corporation, fully mitigate completion risk to the project.
The note comes from a reliable source and is simply an update. No hidden agenda.

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