Monday, July 31, 2017

Total OPEC Imports UP; Saudi Imports DOWN -- July 31, 2017

The most recent import; just posted. May, 2017, data.

Saudi Arabia crude oil imports into the US are down slightly:

But, overall OPEC crude oil imports into the US are up:

Machts nicht.

See if you can spot the problem?

As long as we're doing graphs, let's look at one more. US crude oil exports:


  1. Kemp had a graph a few weeks back that seemed to show weekly Saudi imports...they dropped like a stone:

    i dont know where one would find the data on that...

    1. Kemp, interestingly, does seem to have some "blind spots." Having said that, I saw the graphs you refer to. It's possible he had more recent data that has not yet been reported by EIA. The EIA is two months behind...this is May data and we're already into August.