Monday, July 17, 2017

Three BR Lillibridge Wells To Come Off The Confidential List Today -- July 17, 2017

Three BR Lillibridge wells will come off the confidential list today. It's hard to keep track of the Lillibridge wells simply because there are so many. Abraxas and Burlington Resources both have Lillibridge wells. And, of course, among the Lillibridge wells are many wells of other names, also.

Although this page has not been update in quite some time (12/16), this is where I track the ABRAXAS Lillibridge wells. There are many, many other links to Abraxas Lillibridge wells, including this one. Abraxas Lillibridge wells are in the Pershing oil field.

I don't have a link over at the "Families" page of oil wells for BR's Lillibridge wells, but if I did, this post might be the one to link. The BR Lillibridge wells are in the Johnson Corner and Blue Buttes oil fields. (By the way, Hess has some huge wells in the Blue Buttes oil field.)

A screenshot of the general view of the area under discussion:

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