Sunday, July 23, 2017

Random Look At Murex Angie Marie #16186 -- Re-Frack -- July 23, 2017

Link here. A mediocre well back in 2006 turns into a great well with a re-entry; new lateral; and, new frack. The Bakken is filled with tens of thousands of wells that are candidates for new work.


Wow, wow, wow. With leaders, and one presumed to be the winner, Truax and Kyle Busch taking each other out in lap 110/111 of 160, the race is wide open. I was going to say that Danica Patrick is now in 12th place, but just as I was writing that, a huge wreck. Was Danica involved? Stay tuned. Lap 151 of 160; ten to go. They need to red flag this while clean up continues, otherwise they are going to waste laps with caution laps. Keselowski was waiting for this; needed a caution because he needed fuel. Question: was Keselowski involved? Inquiring minds want to know. Yup, good. Red flagged. Ten laps to go. Poor announcing; announcers need to tell us who was involved. Involved and out: Kurt Busch. Others? Clint Bowyer, Erik Jones. I think I see Danica's car still on the track in great shape. Still in: Kenseth; Trevor Bayne; Kasey Kahne; everyone else forced to pit for fuel, including Keselowski and Jimmy Johnson. Re-start; looks good; then another caution; red flag. Now "four to go" when they start again. Kasey Kahne will be in front with Keselowski on his bumper. It would not surprise me to see Keselowski to take Kahne out. Wow, that's too bad. With "two to go," Jimmy Johnson spins out. Keselowski and Kasey Kahne in dead heat for win before #48 came up quickly and get 3-wide with Keselowski and Kasey Kahne; and then #48, smoke coming out of back of car ("blowing up"); spins out; caution, and one more try to finish this race, I suppose. It looks like Kasey was slightly ahead of Keselowski when the caution came out, but it was close. Okay, here we go. Overtime. Kasey Kahne gets choice; takes outside. Keselowski on the inside. Here we go. Three to go. Overtime. Driving into the setting sun on turn one. Kahne, Keselowski, #11, two laps to go when they go. Caution already -- another wreck. Wow. The wreck happened within nanoseconds of the re-start. So we will try again. Why is is not surprising that Keselowski was in the "middle of this"?

2nd overtime. It looks like Keselowski will be given lead over Kahne. It matters little; simply determines who gets choice for inside/outside. Overtime rule: leader under green needs to get to "overtime finish line" on back stretch before any caution comes out. It's a 2.5 mile track, so we're talking about a one-mile sprint, minimum.

2nd overtime, still. No lights at Indianapolis; sun setting. They need to get this race started if they don't want race "called" because of darkness. Driving into the sun on the first turn. The sun sets at 9:06 local; they're still cleaning up the track; it's now 8:48 local. Keselowski leads; gets choice; it looks like he takes the outside.

Here we go. Kasey Kahne has won if they got to the "overtime" line before the caution came out. They got to the "overtime" line. Waiting for the official ruling. Celebrations begin. Kasey Kahne seems to have won. If not, they're going to have to come back to tomorrow to finish the race.

Kasey Kahne won. Great re-start. Even I could see that. Wow. He's in the playoffs.


Sophia took a cross-country flight earlier today. Now, out in California, she's relaxing with an apple. Those cross-country flights really are exhausting. Later, next week, she will be flying from Los Angeles to Atlanta, GA, before returning to Dallas.

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