Monday, July 17, 2017

Oregon! What Are You Smoking? -- July 17, 2017

For inexplicable reasons -- oh, no, I get it -- the Democratic mantra -- if it moves, tax it -- Oregon appears ready to put a $15 tax on all adult bicycles. What are the state pols smoking? Oh, that's right; mary jane. This is the first bicycle-specific tax in the nation.

Pat Carlson Is Smoking The Same Stuff

From Bloomberg:
The Canadian natural gas industry shouldn’t blame environmentalists, First Nation communities or the government for its failure to get LNG export infrastructure built. It should blame itself.

That’s the view of Seven Generations Energy Ltd. founder Pat Carlson, who stepped down as chief executive officer of the Calgary-based natural gas producer last month. Carlson, who made community relations a hallmark of Seven Generations’ culture, says the industry needs to do a better job of involving those most affected by its operations.

Businesses can’t rely on the government to push projects past the objections of local communities, said the 63-year-old Carlson in a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg News. Instead, governments should provide a final examination of operations that have already been mostly agreed on. That philosophy helped Seven Generations build its Kakwa River Project in northwest Alberta, he said. It has also helped the company’s shares outperform its peers.

“A pipeline to the Pacific and an LNG project on the Pacific, where the people along the route are involved -- they’re owners, they’re builders -- I don’t know that that’s been put forward,” Carlson said. “Maybe it has and I just don’t know about it, but I suspect it hasn’t, and I suspect there’s an opportunity there.” 
For those who cannot read between the lines, Pat is simply stating the obvious: the Canadian national government failed to pay the "necessary bribes" that the First Nation communities and faux environmentalists demanded for the natural gas pipelines. This is not rocket science.

Coal-Powered Teslas

If you drive a Tesla in Wisconsin, you're driving on coal power.

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