Saturday, July 22, 2017

Making North Dakota Great -- Unemployment Rate At 2.5% -- July 22, 2017

At The Bismarck Tribune, data points:
  • June data
  • 2.5% unemployment in ND
  • up 0.5% from previous month
  • down 1% from one year ago (June, 2016)
  • national rate: 4.5%
Easy One

What is the link between Disneyland's Great Moments With Mr Lincoln and The Trouble With Harry


  1. pssst. it'd be even greater if you spelled it right.

    1. Great catch; that's one of my most common typos. I might have caught it later today, but probably not. The "blogger" app will alert me to misspellings (which I often miss anyway) but the app will not catch spelling errors / typos in the subject line.

      (I misspelled "Dakota" in the subject line.)