Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Making America Great Again -- Revising/Freezing 2021 Fuel Efficiency Standards -- Reuters -- July 25, 2017

From Reuters:
The U.S. Transportation Department said on Tuesday it may revise auto fuel efficiency requirements starting with the 2021 model year, a year earlier than previously disclosed, and could adopt lower standards through 2025.
In March, President Donald Trump ordered a review of U.S. vehicle fuel-efficiency standards from model year 2022 through 2025 established under the Obama administration.
U.S. regulators said in a notice published Tuesday they are preparing a new environmental impact statement and could decide to freeze 2021 standards through 2025, rather than raising them every year.
Meanwhile, Britain and France will ban gasoline / diesel vehicles by 2040. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Americans will be driving bigger and bigger SUVs with lots of room for recreational equipment; Europeans will be driving electric golf carts. LOL.


  1. My last comment for the day. :) The divide between our generations is massive. I imagine that like my parents, you buy water bottles that take 250X the energy of tap water and are proud of it. So bizarre, you X'ers really seem to not care at all about cause and effect. I haven't owned a car in five years and don't plan on doing so until kids force it. It doesn't matter if I have a million + in the bank, I'll get a cheap fuel efficient A to B. Meanwhile dad drives himself around in a nine passenger vehicle full of garbage he doesn't use. It doesn't make him any happier.

    1. Agree completely about the generational divide, but I doubt it's all that different from past generations. One exception: the Mideast seems to manage living in the 15th century quite well.

      Snarky. Sorry.

      I have a stack of water bottles in the house. Incredibly efficient. At less than 10 cents/bottle they are practically being given away.

      I used to hate cars -- I even blogged about that once. I enjoy my 6-year-old Honda Civic -- use it as little as possible -- ride my bike everywhere.

      I personally can't measure happiness. But something tells me if you took away your dad's car, he would seem to be less happy.

      So much could be written/said, but in the end, all "first world" problems.