Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Look At These Frack Solutions For Three EOG Wells Coming Off Confidential List Today -- July 25, 2017

For newbies: EOG has led the way in high-intensity fracks in the Bakken. Its my impression that EOG has no shortage of sand. It owns its own sand quarries out-of-state (Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Wisconsin -- I forget specifics -- unimportant). These wells came off the confidential list today:
  • 27391, 998, EOG, Parshall 68-1820H, Parshall, 52 stages; 14.6 million lbs; all 100 mesh; t1/17; cum 73K 5/17;
  • 28402, 428, EOG, Parshall 30-1820H, Parshall, 40 stages; 10.4 million lbs; all 100 mesh; t1/17; cum 86K 5/17;
  • 28404, 1,399, EOG, Parshall 31-1820H, Parshall, 39 stages; 10.3 million lbs; all 100 mesh; t1/17; cum 74K 5/17;

For the archives. In a post written yesterday I mentioned an article I would come back to read later. Here is the original comment followed by today's update:
"Hat Trick: How George Strait Became The Most Reliable Star In Music," by Kelefa Sanneh. Her short bio simply says Sanneh has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 2008. It will be interesting to see if she seems to know anything about country music. It sounds like she actually visited San Antonio to get the story. It must have been culture shock for her.
[Later, I did read this article the next day. It is very, very good and highly recommended for country music buffs. It's the kind of writing one might have found in Rolling Stone in its heyday. I learned a new term: stacked blue jeans. That's when wearing blue jeans long enough that they bunch up when standing up; the purpose is that when on a horse, they cover as much of the boot as possible. So, "stacked blue jeans."]
The Apple Page

Apple is now firmly back to iPod-style domination for the wearables market.

No competitor has the money and/or the incentive (as they already lost tons of money on their failed wearables efforts) to research and develop the futuristic tech Apple is expected to deliver in the next years.

This is Apple's game to play, and win, for the foreseeable future. 
My thoughts about the Apple Watch back on March 9, 2015

Early Communion With "Ghost Species"?

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