Saturday, July 22, 2017

Keeping America Great, T+183 -- July 22, 2017

Recent natural gas articles (all previously posted) that need to be posted again:
These articles were all posted within the last several days. The gap between the US and EU simply continues to widen when it comes to energy.

Personal Financial Note

For whatever reason, I've been following the earnings reports from the financial institutions this quarter.  I think my interest (no pun intended) may have been piqued when AMEX ended its relationship with Costco. What were they thinking? I no longer have an AMEX card but I still shop at Costco.

I was thinking about that after another credit card company sent me a "replacement card." I did not order a "replacement card" and did not need one. But the financial institution used the opportunity to introduce new features, new loyalty rewards, and, a new chip card.

The card is pretty slick; it still doesn't have the heft of another common card but it is eye-catching. Most noticeable is the removal of the raised account number on the front of the card.

But this is what really caught my attention: no interest charges for one full year; and, if you can believe this, "cashback match" which matches dollar-for-dollar every cashback dollar I earn. Apparently at the end of the year, if I have $50 in my cashback account, the financial institute will double it.

I now have to post "stick-it" notes to my credit cards to remind me which credit card offers cashback dollars for which purchases. 


  1. Gas, rather than oil, may ultimately prove to have the biggest impact in these matters.
    Not only the sheer size of this resource, but the nitty gritty physics involved in recovering gas versus a viscous fluid travelling 2 miles sideways and 2 miles up through a pipe the size of a man's fist.
    For numerous - and increasing number of - reasons, wind and solar will NEVER take hold east of the Mississippi.
    The economic advantage shale gives the US over Europe and Asia is profoundly huge.

    1. Thank you. I was going to add something similar to the post -- during a short bike ride -- I was thinking the same thing. I didn't think about the first part of your note (oil vs gas recovery) but certainly the last part.

      I agree completely about the relative importance of natural gas to the US compared to oil. I wouldn't have thought that just a couple of years ago and no one saw this coming ten years ago (when NG import facilities were being built along the Gulf Coast -- now converted to export facilities.

      And, yes, east of the Mississippi, I just can't see much wind/solar, and even west of the Mississippi it's going to be tough to compete with natural gas -- mostly because it's dependable, dispatchable, and available 24/7.