Monday, July 31, 2017

Fracking The Heck Out Of CLR's Candee 11-9H, #16509, Chimney Butte -- July 31, 2017

Link here.


  1. CLR Bridger 44-14H had an IP of 400 on 4/30/2008. After being off line for a year had one day production in June 2017of 519 BBL

    1. More on this one later. But you know what's going on. LOL.

      There are two other wells on that pad. They are still listed as SI/NC by the NDIC, FracFocus shows that one was fracked 4/28/1 - 5/19/17. Same for the other one on the pad (still listed as SI/NC, but fracked same dates, according to FracFocus. It will be interesting to follow production of #17089, Bridger 44-14H.

      Thank you for the tip.