Tuesday, July 11, 2017

EPA Asks Barack Who? -- July 11, 2017

This is simply incredible. I have followed the story off and on but never posted a note about it until now. The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that the EPA is seeking to reverse its opposition to a controversial Alaskan gold mine.
The Trump administration has taken a key step toward paving the way for a controversial gold, copper and molybdenum mine in Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed, marking a sharp reversal from former president Barack Obama's opposition to the project.
The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday proposed withdrawing its 2014 determination barring any large-scale mine in the area because it would imperil the region's valuable sockeye salmon fishery.
The agency said it would accept public comments on the proposal for the next 90 days.
Amazing how fast the EPA can change their stance on something. Simply amazing. And one would think the EPA is above politics. LOL.

There are rumors that the sage grouse in Wyoming are moving to Canada.

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