Friday, June 2, 2017

Wow -- Now, It's The Road To Taiwan Where Electricity Fees Could Jump As Much As 40% -- June 2, 2017

From a site that I visit at least six times daily. LOL. Just kidding. I've never seen this site as far as I know but fortunately a reader was kind enough to send me this link from Focus Taiwan News Channel: electricity prices forecast to rise 10% in nuclear-free Taiwin. In fact, it may be worse.

The politician in charge of Taiwanese economics rejects projections of a 40% hike in electricity fees.

Most likely the answer lies somewhere between 10% and 40%. And considering the 10% is being espoused by guys who want to be re-elected something tells me the number is going to be closer to a 40% increase in electricity costs if Taiwan phases out nuclear power by 2025.


Regardless of the number the fact remains: the gap between energy costs in the US and the rest of the world is going to continue to widen over the new couple of decades. Manufacturers know that. Even Mexico is going to need more natural gas from the US to meet demand by manufacturers.

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