Sunday, June 4, 2017

Why I Love To Blog, Reason #4,589 -- June 4, 2017

Just the other day I posted over at the "daily note": Hillary continues to suck all of the oxygen out of the room. The gift that keeps on giving.

Today, from The Hill: "Dems want Hillary Clinton to leave spotlight."

White Privilege: Exciting Books

Three of four black California male students don't meet state reading standards (K-12).

My two takeaways from the DailyNews article:
  • analysts were more concerned with the gender gap, not the fact that 75% of black California males can't read
  • analysts blamed it on the "fact" that black California males do not like to read because reading is boring
Has The World Gone Nuts?

A dozen killed; dozens more injured, and London party-goers are upset that Uber was "slow" to turn off "surge pricing."
The story is very, very clear that once Uber figured out what was going on, dynamic pricing was immediately turned off. By the way, leave it to CNN to take this story and run with it. If nothing else it diverts those who can read from the Kathy Griffin story and the Bill Maher story.

So, we have another dozen Londoners killed in the third terrorist attack in as many weeks (?) -- certainly months -- and many more dozens severely injured, some of whom will die or be maimed for life, and London party-goers are upset Uber was slow to turn off dynamic pricing. Wow.

US SefDec has grave concerns about a conflict with North Korea; Venezuela is imploding; Putin (apparently off the radar scope) still has menacing designs on at least three Eurasian locales; the Mideast is out of control; and, London party-goers are upset Uber was "slow" to turn off "surge pricing."

Wow, the world truly seems to have gone nuts. It's not so much that London party-goers seemed not to have a lot of concern or sensitivity to the victims or an understanding of the gravity of the event, but that fact that Google Finance made this their top story and let it hang there, as their top story, for hours.

Hopefully, UK's prime minister Theresa May will address Uber's lack of insensitivity on Monday.

But I guess if that's the "market's" biggest concern -- how social media feels about "surge pricing" after a significant terrorist event, investors can breathe a sigh of relief. Things in the world must not be all that bad.

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