Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Science Is Settled: Global Warming Hits Alaska -- June 17, 2017

From this weekend’s WSJ Review, “The Charade of the Paris Treaty: Real Progress Will Require A Massive Investment In Green Energy.” Some data points:

  • empty pledges are no way to deal with the climate threat 
  • the Paris treaty risks wasting huge resources to do almost nothing to fix the climate problem while shortchanging approaches that promise the most transformative results 
  • signatories will work to keep the rise in average global temperature “well below” 2 degrees Celsius and even suggests that the increase could be kept to 1.5 degrees. This is empty political rhetoric 
  • based on current carbon dioxide emissions, achieving the target of 1.5 degrees would require the entire planet to abandon fossil fuels in four years 
  • but the treaty has deeper problems 
  • just 0.6% of the world’s energy needs are currently met by solar and wind by 2040
  • even with the Paris treaty, solar and wind are expected to contribute less than 3% of world energy by 2040
  • fossil fuel will go from 81% to 75% of global energy needs 
I forced myself to read to the end of the article to see if Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center (“the science is settled”) and writer of the article had any solutions.

He did not.

Hold that thought. From cbc: global warming his Alaska with a vengeance --
The 25th-annual Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay has been cancelled due to snow at the starting line, affecting about 1,300 riders who were set to begin the race Saturday morning.
This is the first time the race has been cancelled.
"The race was cancelled because not only snow and slush in the upper elevations in the summit legs, but right here in Haines Junction at the start," said Mike Kramer, race coordinator.
"The road report is saying black ice and slushy sections; there is a travel advisory in effect for driving vehicles, so certainly in terms of riding bikes — especially racing bikes — it is totally out of the question."
Kramer said the race will be postponed until next year.
Assuming Alaska is warmer next year. LOL. 

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