Monday, June 12, 2017

The Political Page, T+143 -- June 12, 2017 -- I Wish I Had Said That -- Hey, In Fact, I Did!

Over on the "daily note" I recently posted:
June 9, 2017, T+140: James Comey's testimony -- there was no there there. To coin a phrase. By the way, Tina Fey would say that her "gadar" was pinging during Comey's testimony: expressing his feelings: felt nauseous; felt discomfort; might have done things differently had he been "stronger". Didn't sound like a Washington lawyer; sounded like a man trying to come to terms with his feminine side. To quote Willie Nelson, "cowboys are frequently, secretly fond of each other."
Hold that thought.

Today, in The American Thinker:
Aside from revealing that President Trump is guilty of exactly nothing but winning an election, James Comey sure did reveal a lot about himself. His feelings are easily hurt, he gets scared in Trump's presence, he gets nauseated, is weak, gets confused and stunned. He is sorry his workforce had to hear what Trump said about the FBI, that it is in disarray. He sounded like a college snowflake on almost any American college campus in need of a safe space.
After a lifetime as a lawyer, U.S. attorney for the Southern District, U.S. deputy district attorney, and corporate lawyer, this is a man who never should have been appointed as director of the FBI. He does not have the temperament for the job.
We learned yesterday that he unlawfully leaked his own memo, property of the FBI, to the press to "spur a special prosecutor" and cover his own backside. Why not turn it over to acting director McCabe or the DOJ?
Because he's malicious. He likely leaked a whole lot more to the press that is so in love with anonymous sources. The guy was positively Machiavellian in his attempt to smear Trump and protect himself.
But Machiavelli would not be proud; Comey was too clever by half. He essentially admitted that Trump had done nothing wrong beyond making Comey uncomfortable, being a compassionate man regarding Michael Flynn, and not using the approved vernacular or prescribed handshake of the D.C. establishment. 
Much more at the link.

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