Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Staggering -- June 27, 2017

After awhile, graph after graph after graph, and folks start to lose interest. But this graph is absolutely staggering, from the EIA via Twitter:

Pay particular attention to crude oil and propane exports. By 2020, LNG exports will probably quintuple (5x current exports).

The only problem with this graph is that it starts in 2010. EIA should have started the graph in 2000 or at least 2008, but I guess the "Deep State" really, really doesn't want to embarrass President Obama. The graph starts in 2010, three years after the North Dakota Bakken boom began (2007). The Montana Bakken mini-boom began in 2000.

This is the graph that the "Deep State" does not want to show:

Most interesting to me is that the brightest thinker in Washington failed to notice in 2012 that exports were already increasing significantly. Interestingly, note how exports then leveled off for the next two years of the Obama presidency before increasing again.

It should be noted that the US is unlikely to ever export any energy generated by wind or solar. At least not in my lifetime.

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