Wednesday, June 21, 2017

So, What's Eagle Ford Acreage Worth These Days? -- June 21, 2017

Data points from Zacks:
  • Sanchez Energy
  • Eagle Ford Shale Marquis
  • divests 21,000 net acres in Fayette and Lavaca counties, TX
  • $50 million 
Back-of-the-envelope: $2,380/net acre

North Dakota Land Lease Sales

It appears the North Dakota Department of Trust Lands has changed their URL. I have updated the new URLs at the appropriate spots on the blog (although I haven't updated past posts -- and doubt that I will get around to that any time soon). It looks like the URL was changed after the May, 2017, lease.

The new links:
Minerals Management: Lease Sales
The most recent ND lease auction was May, 2017, and summary of results posted here.

Watching a Train Wreck in Slow Motion

A reminder: it was a Democrat, a chief architect of ObamaCare, who first called ObamaCare, the finished product, a "train wreck." Senator Baucus retired soon after that. 

Today it is being reported that two more ObamaCare railcars left the track: health insurer Anthem will pull out of two more state ObamaCare markets as it shrinks its participation in the law, the latest such pullout by an insurer as companies finalize their coverage offerings for next year. The two states: Indiana and Wisconsin -- both voted for Trump in the 2016 election. Wisconsin, in fact, was one of three states that sealed the deal for Trump. Hillary says the Russians removed Wisconsin from her Rand McNally map app and she completely forgot to campaign in that state.

MDWise is also pulling out of Indiana.

Is anyone keeping track of the states that the major health insurers have exited? I'm trying to keep up but I'm sure I've missed a few.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome Page

I no longer subscribe to The New Yorker. I canceled my subscription during the 2016 presidential campaign when it was clear that The New Yorker had simply become a city magazine, and a mouthpiece for Hillary, and then morphed into a place where writers could vent, decompress, and openly weep. Many see this as simply another manifestation as the Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

I assume that the American Psychiatric Association will eventually get around to classifying TDS as a legitimate mental health disorder, giving it a DSM designation when they update the current fifth edition, the DSM-5. Once an individual meets the criteria of TDS, he/she/it will be eligible for social security disability. 

Manifestations of TDS in the current issue of The New Yorker:
  • front cover: caricature of Donald Trump attempting to remove gears from a well-oiled US manufacturing military-industrial complex (I thought we were done with cover caricatures of POTUS -- after all, it's been almost a year)
  • talk of the town: of course, it's about James Comey, who is now Hillary's best friend
  • shouts and murmurs, attempt at humor: Jared and Ivanka's guide to mindful marriage -- Jared and Ivanka? Wow, the editors really do manifest TDS
  • book review: are the US and China on a collision course? Of all the great new books out there, this is the one they chose to feature?
  • what few articles there were that did not focus on Trump were not worth reading, which meant, of course, you went back to the articles on Trump, a classic feature of TDS-affected editors
On another note, my 30-second elevator speech when asked about Obama's legacy:
  • ObamaCare: took eight months to write; eight years to fail
  • the rise of ISIS: all agree -- perhaps the greatest foreign policy failure since December 7, 1941
  • science: we can't just drill our way to lower gasoline prices 
  • BLM: and we're not talking about the Bureau of Land Management (by the way, where is the Black Lives Matter movement these days?)

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