Friday, June 2, 2017

Is This Important? -- June 2, 2017

From the EIA:

Flashback: the winter of 2009 - 2010 -- the Brits came within 72 hours of running out of natural gas.

Is This Important?

From Platts: UK South Hook May LNG regasification down 46% on five-year average. Wow. Some data points:
  • South Hook stocks began June 2017 at a mere 18% capacity
  • five-year average for June: 953 million cu meters
  • currently: 90 million cu meters
    • last month, 19 Qatari LNG tankers berthed in continental Europe
    • 15 tankers in April and 11 tankers in May
  • UK's South Hook LNG terminal last month (May) was almost 50% lower than 5-year average
  • a total of four Qatari LNG tankers berthed at South Hook last month 
    • in comparison, South Hook saw seven in May 2016 and eight in May 2015
  • Qatar: world's largest LNG producing country (that's what the article said)
  • Qatar: sent more tankers to Europe last month due to higher pricing in Europe

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