Friday, June 2, 2017

Hess With Seven New Permits -- June 2, 2017

Active rigs:

Active Rigs512581188187
 Seven new permits:
  • Operator: Hess
  • Field: Blue Buttes (McKenzie)
  • Comments: all seven permits for wells in SESW 36-151-96 (see graphic below)
One permit canceled:
  • Petro-Hunt: an Olson permit, in Mountrail County
The graphic: the general location for the wells proposed by Hess in today's Daily Activity Report; the seven will be in a single line, parallel to the south line; based on their names, they will run south to north.

Other wells in this drilling unit:
  • 18053, 467, Hess, BB-State-151-96-3625H-1, t10/09; cum 256K 4/17; off-line much of the past six months;
  • 24506, 1,065, Hess, BB-State-151-96-3625H-5, t7/13; cum 190K 4/17;
  • 24505, 659, Hess, BB-State-151-96-3625H-4, t8/13; cum 120K 4/17;
  • 24504, IA/827, Hess, BB-State-151-96-3625H-3, t8/13; cum 166K 4/17; off-line since 7/16; a sundry from says an NGL stripping unit was to placed; a pump placed and the well shut-in; I assume the same for the others
  • 24503, IA/733, Hess, BB-State-151-96-3625H-2, t8/13; cum 90K 4/17; off-line since 5/16;

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