Friday, June 2, 2017

Cooler Weather In Germany Blamed For Higher Carbon Emissions -- I Cannot Make This Stuff Up -- June 2, 2017

From cleanenergywire:
  • German CO2 emissions rise in 2015 despite renewables surge.
Say what? Why?
Germany’s CO2 emissions have inched up in 2015 despite a rapidly increasing share of renewables in electricity production, according to first calculations by energy market research group AG Energiebilanzen.
The main cause for the year-on-year rise were cooler temperatures compared to 2014.
The rise frustrates hopes Germany’s Energiewende has already put the country's emissions on a faster downward trend.
Because Germany’s own ambitious climate targets for 2020 are already in danger, the new figures put pressure on the government to follow-through with its near-term climate action plan.
Wow, colder weather ... colder weather ... caused a rise in carbon emissions in Germany despite all that renewable energy.

I can't make this stuff up.

Meanwhile, the US continues to reduce it carbon emissions. For what it's worth. I could / could not care less about carbon emissions.

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