Monday, June 26, 2017

And, This, Folks, Is The Problem -- June 26, 2017

From an earlier post:
Concerning, and unexplained, gasoline demand, from Reuters:
The operator of the biggest U.S. fuel pipeline system said demand to transport gasoline to the country's populous northeast is the weakest in six years, the latest symptom of a global oil market grappling with oversupply.
Summer is typically when gasoline demand peaks in the world's biggest oil consuming country as motorists hit the road for vacation, and keeping their gas tanks full strains the capacity of U.S. refiners and pipelines.
This year, so much fuel is stored in tanks in the Northeast that Colonial Pipeline Co said in a notice to customers that demand from refiners and fuel traders to bring gasoline through its pipeline to the region from refining hubs in the South was the worst in six years.
For the first time since 2011, demand for the pipeline was below capacity for a five-day period starting early next week, Colonial said on Thursday. The news pushed down gasoline prices in the Gulf region, where the pipeline begins.
Benchmark U.S. gasoline prices led the energy complex higher and were up about 2.1 percent shortly after midday, partly boosted by expectations that fewer barrels flowing into the East Coast would alleviate a glut.
Typically, demand exceeds the pipeline's space, forcing refiners and traders to supplement delivery with tanker shipments or imports.
And this is the problem, folks, from John Kemp, just a few hours ago:

Notes for the Granddaughters

It is interesting how things work out.

All golf tournaments are 4-day events. I was watching the Travelers tournament in Cromwell, CT, closely on Thursday-Friday, but missed almost all of it on Saturday because of water polo (oldest granddaughter playing in the two-day North Texas tournament).

Then yesterday, Sunday, I knew I would miss all of it, again because of water polo. I kept track of the scores on the internet. It was obvious it was an incredible tournament, and I knew I was missing it. I last checked in when the tournament was almost over; I was driving Arianna to her 5:00 p.m. "date" and knowing that when I got home (Sophia was also with us) I would find out who won. It looked like Spieth might lose after doing so well in the first three days.

I came into the apartment with Sophia, got her started on her projects, and then turned on the television. To my surprise, the tournament was tied at end of regulation play.

The two, Spieth and Berger, were just getting ready to tee off on the first tee (the 18th hole) for a sudden-death playoff.

Bergen was on the green in two strokes and clearly looked like he would win. Spieth's hit off the tee was awful; he hit a tree (that nobody else hit in the tournament) and the ball barely got down the fairway.

Spieth's second shot put him in a sand trap in front of the green. At that point, it was pretty clear he was going to lose to Bergen who was already on the green.

Incredibly, and I got to see it live, Spieth hits the ball out of the sand trap and incredibly, the ball rolls into the cup. Everyone goes nuts and he wins.

It's funny how things work out. I really wanted to see the tournament and I was able to see the most exciting conclusion, live. Had it not worked out, that would have been okay: in the big scheme of things, I much prefer going to water polo and much prefer being with any of the granddaughters to almost anything else.

As usual, Sophia was awesome. She is so much fun.

By the way, two pictures tell a complete story. This occurred under the watchful eye of her mother at Sophia's home, not at our apartment -- I was not taking care of Sophia at the time -- this is "not my fault":

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