Friday, May 5, 2017

Truly A Sad Story -- Activists Worried About Islands And Rising Sea Levels In 100 Years -- Meanwhile In Colorado .... May 5, 2017

Horrendous livestock losses in recent winter storm.
Seven foot high snow drifts buried cows and toppled acres of wheat crops in Prowers County and Baca County near the Kansas and Oklahoma borders, costing farmers millions of dollars.
There are no confirmed numbers yet, but it’s estimated as many as 10,000 cattle were killed in the rare spring storm.
The good news: we have a White House and cabinet that are sensitive to these issues. Proof? The prior administration ignored North Dakota's request for financial aid in providing law enforcement during the DAPL protests; this administration has already responded positively.

The Tide Is Turning
Michigan Thumb: Thumbs Down On Wind
Michigan Thumbs Nose At Wind

This is the third or fourth state to re-consider the advisability of wind farms. Good for them.  Michigan Thumb voters reject wind farm proposals.

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