Wednesday, May 10, 2017

They Would Prefer A CBR Fireball? Of All The Things Going On In The World... May 10, 2017

... the headline is a 2-bbl of oil pipeline spill. Pretty funny.

They would prefer a CBR fireball?

Meanwhile, the Hanford is out of control: emergency declared at Obama's nuclear clean-up site in Washington state, where two rivers converge on the mighty Columbia River, home of generations of native Americans who claim rights to all riparian ecosystems in the universe. -- NPR reports. You can fact check at wiki. If you are eating salmon from the Columbia River, you may want to invest in a Geiger counter.

NOKO is about to test another nuclear weapon.

The engines on Boeing's new 737 are failing.

Syria is out of control.

But hey, let's post a headline story on a two-bbl spill of oil. LOL.

Aetna: It's Over

It was real. It was fun. But it wasn't real fun.

Aetna to completely pull out of ObamaCare by 2018.

I am thrilled that the US House "repeal and replace" bill is DOA in the US Senate. I have no idea why the GOP is even wasting time on this. ObamaCare is dying on the vine. I have no idea why the GOP wanted to wade into this mess.

Let it run its course.

The good news: by the time the US Senate gets around to "repeal and replace" ObamaCare will have played itself out. Good riddance. (See this story also.)

[Update, May 11, 2017: CNBC noted that Aetna, United Healthcare, and Humana have now all pulled out of ObamaCare web exchanged. Under Hillary that would have simply been the required steps on the way to a "single payer system" -- the US government -- NHS.]

It's Over, Roy Orbison

The more I read of the Trump White House as portrayed by The New York Times, the more it reminds me of the docu-drama-sitcom, VEEP.

Wow, I hope he doesn't change.

We finally have a president worthy enough to be compared to FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, and/or ... well, that's about it. He's out-Reaganed Reagan.

One just knows, that like Veep, he is three steps ahead of his staff, just ready to go over the cliff, leaving his subordinates to sort it out. I got a kick out of the fact that today, the day after the BIG NEWS, he sent Susan Huckabee Sanders out to "meet the press" rather than the meek and mild-mannered Sean Spicer. (Sure, he's on US Navy Reserve duty. LOL.)

I have never donated a dime to a political party, but I'm thinking of sending one dollar to President Trump at least once a week, cheering him on, and ensuring he reads my note -- 'cause there's a donation inside. 


I don't want to get on any mailing lists. But I certainly hope Trump doesn't change. He's a breath of fresh air.

Sort of like VEEP.

Drain the swamp.

Please, Do It

US to ban all laptops in all cabins on all flights from Europe. That'll show 'em. Another option: unless they fly an American carrier.

Saudi's Worst Nightmare

Pioneer has made similar comments before.

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