Friday, May 19, 2017

The Political Page, T+119 -- May 19, 2017 - "Clock Boy" Clocked (Again)

Oil. President Trump on his way to Saudi Arabia.

The wall. President Trump puts pressure on Colombia to take back deported aliens, or he will use visa process to make it difficult for Colombians to travel to US.

The definition of insanity: the "face" of the Democratic Party -- Maxine Waters.

No million dollars for you! "Clock boy" clocked.  Judge dismisses 'clock boy' lawsuit saying the school didn't discriminate against Ahmed Mohamed when the Muslim teen's teacher called the police because she thought he made a bomb
  • a federal judge ruled both the city of Irving, Texas and the school district do not owe damages to Ahmed Mohamed's family
  • in 2015 his teacher at MacArthur High School called the police because she thought a clock Ahmed made was a ticking bomb 
  • Ahmed's father, Mohamed Mohamed, filed a lawsuit claiming his son's Fifth Amendment rights were violated by the arrest 
  • Court documents obtained by reveal the case was dismissed because the judge said there was no proof of 'racial or religious' discrimination

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