Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Political Page, T+118 -- May 18, 2017; The Sea-Road To Scotland

Nice jobs report:
  • consensus forecast: 240K
  • actual: 232K -- wow
  • change: down 4,000 from previous report of 236,000 (unrevised)
Wind: the sea-road to Scotland. Another wind disaster. From Bloomberg.  Bottom line: off-shore wind can't "make it" without government subsidies. Meanwhile, these ventures put budgets of small countries at great risk.

Ryan Disarray

One is beginning to wonder if "Ryan" has the experience necessary to "run" the US House. Now we learn that "Ryan" has not sent the "repeal and replace" ObamaCare bill that the US house passed (wink, wink) to the US Senate. Wow. A tweaking of the bill might require another vote. LOL.

I think it's time for President Trump to issue an executive order that the IRS and/or the Justice Department will not take action against any state or any corporation or any person that does not follow the "employer mandate" guidelines. ObamaCare would still be the law of the land but like "sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants," states, corporations, and CEOs would not be held liable if they were not able to meet the ObamaCare guidelines.

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