Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Political Page, T+116 -- May 16, 2017; Housing Starts Fall Unexpectedly For Second Straight Month

Ransomware: round up the usual suspects (NOKO).

DNC staffer / wikileaks source murdered: round up the usual suspects (for hints, see first season of House of Cards).

April housing starts: horrendous. Down 2.6% vs 3.7% increase forecast. Does market care?  No. Huge, huge decline in the northeast. Hmmmm. See "Hyperdrive" tag. Everything's moving to Texas. From realtynews:
  • Dallas, #1 in housing starts
  • Houston, #2 in housing starts
    • April: strongest April in the history of Houston real estate for single-family home sales
    • March: record-setting March
More on April housing starts, from multiple sources:
  • April, housing starts: fell 2.6%
  • March, housing starts: fell 6.6%
  • Steve Liesman (CNBC): could be due to stricter lending laws in Dodd-Frank (it's been my impression that Liesman loves Dodd-Frank) 
  • this may not be good for GDPNow forecast 
April industrial production: huge number!
  • 1% increase vs 0.4% forecast
  • this may be good forGDPNow forecast 

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