Friday, May 26, 2017

Targa: New Natural Gas Liquids Pipeline From The Permian To The Coast -- May 26, 2016

From FuelFix (huge "thanks" to a reader for sending the link):
  • Targa: pipeline to be called Grand Prix
  • from the Permian to Mont Belvieu, east of Houston 
  • $1.3 billion
  • natural gas liquids
  • capacity: 550,000 bbls per day 
  • Targa says it is one of the largest gatherers and processes of natural gas in the Permain
  • Targa has about 1.7 billion cubic feet per day of current processing capacity
  • is adding capacity to add another 700 million cubic feet per day across the Permians Midland and Delaware basins
From an RBN Energy post, April 29, 2016 (archived):
Targa Resources in the third quarter of 2014 completed a 3 MMb/month expansion of its LPG export terminal in Galena Park, TX (also on the Houston Ship Channel) that increased the facility’s capacity to 7MMb/month, or about 233 Mb/d. Like Enterprise’s terminal nearby,
Targa’s Galena Park facility has docks big enough for VLGCs; smaller LPG carriers load there too. Targa has previously indicated they expect to export at least 5 MMb/month in 2016 (or 167 Mb/d), on average.  So far this year they are ahead of that goal, shipping out 191 Mb/d in the first three months of 2016, 23% of total Gulf Coast exports.
RBN Energy has many, many posts on Targa and natural gas pipelines in the Permian.

The mainstream media can write as much as they want on wind and solar, but in the big scheme of things, wind and solar are incredibly small niche players in the energy sector. 


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