Sunday, May 14, 2017

Scientists Discover An Extra 5 Million Square Kilometers Of Forest -- May 14, 2017

Scientists apparently can’t predict where forests are right now, but weather patterns one hundred years from now, no problem.
It’s nearly 60 years since the first satellite was launched, and we are still figuring out basic stuff down here on the surface — like which bits are forest.
It is amazing, isn't it? Algore claims he can predict the "temperature of the earth" 100 years from now down to the hundredth of a degree, and yet we didn't even know how much land was covered by forest until .... well, I guess, yesterday.

Apparently, a "recent discovery" increased the known amount of global forest cover by around 9% -- which is a huge amount -- and a huge source of carbon capture (for whatever that is worth).

Monday morning, if things go right, the Algore global warming computer model programming application (AGW-CMP-App) will have an updated formula predicting global temperatures 100 years from now by updating the amount of global forest. Or not. The app is available at the Apple Store for 99 cents.

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