Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Five Guys Beats In-N-Out As America's Favorite Burger Chain -- May 17, 2017

From Business Insider, and why "America" is the greatest country in the universe:
America has a new favorite burger chain.
Five Guys, the East Coast-based burger chain famous for its simplicity and myriad toppings, claimed the top spot in the latest annual "Harris Poll EquiTrend" survey.
West Coast-cult favorite In-N-Out held the title for the past two years but came in second this year.
See what they had to say at the link.

Five Guys is my brother-in-law's favorite hamburger chain ... or maybe it's In-N-Out. I honestly forget. He lives out in Huntington Beach, CA, and knows his hamburger chains.

Ball of Dust

From The Williston Herald: Main Street merchants tired of all the dust. 

Mexico: Natural Gas Very, Very Tight

From Oil & Gas Journal: Mexico is experiencing a very tight natural gas market in part because its dry gas production is declining for lack of any onshore gas-directed drilling.

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