Saturday, May 6, 2017

Northeast Urgently Needs More Pipelines -- IER -- May 6, 2017

At the sidebar at the right, this story from IER (dynamic link at the sidebar at the right): the northeast urgently needs more pipelines.
  • Northeast residents pay 29 percent more for their natural gas than the U.S. average, and 44 percent more for their electricity.
  • Six of the 10 states where residents pay the highest prices for electricity in the country are New England states, with Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire all above 16 cents per kilowatt hour (national average is 10.42 cents per kilowatt hour)
  • Industrial users in the Northeast pay more than double for their natural gas than the U.S. average, and 62 percent more for electricity.
That's alright. Industry is moving in droves to Texas. The US is quite a country:
  • west coast: technology
  • midwest: breadbasket
  • Great Lakes: dairy
  • Texas-Louisiana: manufacturing and energy
  • southeast: manufacturing
  • Florida: retirement
  • New England: banking

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