Thursday, May 11, 2017

Making America Great Again -- China, US Agree On LNG Exports -- May 11, 2017

The Chinese president must have had a nice time at Mar-a-Lago some weeks ago despite the Syrian missile interruption.

The WSJ is reporting that the US and China have agreed to expand certain US exports -- including LNG. Data points:
  • in addition to LNG, the joint communique will highlight agriculture, other areas yet to be leaked announced
  • teaser: maybe beef will be included (my hunch is "yes" -- the Chinese middle class is growing) [Update, May 12, 2017: the answer is "yes."]
  • China has huge coal-related pollution problem; looking to stem that pollution
  • China imported 33% more LNG than the year before; now the world's third largest importer of LNG
  • but to date, China how now received much LNG from the US; that could change
  • it looks like that will change under President Trump

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